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Charts Of Accounts Importer

When a new company is created in ERPNext, the Chart of Accounts for it is created by default with a pre-set structure. However, if you have your own Chart of Accounts, you can import it using the Chart of Accounts Importer.

It allows you to create your own Chart of Accounts according to your requirement and import it into the system.

Any existing Chart Of Accounts against that company will be overwritten. Make sure the company you are selecting doesn’t have any pre-existing transactions otherwise you’ll receive a validation error.

To access, go to:

Home > Getting Started > Chart of Accounts Importer

1. How to import Chart Of Accounts

  1. Select the Company for which you want to import the Chart of Accounts.
  2. Click on “Download Template” button on the top right corner to download the template. The template you have downloaded will look as follows.
  3. Once you download the template, fill in the details in the template as shown in the screenshot below. Please make sure to make accounts for account types “Cost of Goods Sold”, “Depreciation”, “Fixed Asset”, “Payable”, “Receivable”, “Stock Adjustment”. Root types for these accounts must be one of Asset, Liability, Income, Expense, and Equity.
  4. Click on “Attach” to upload the template.
  5. Once you upload the template you’ll be able to see the preview of the Chart of Accounts in the Chart Preview section.
  6. If everything seems correct in the preview, click on “Start Import” in the top right corner and the accounts will be created.
  7. To verify the created accounts you can go to Chart of Accounts and see the newly created accounts for that company.
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