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Open, modern and Do It Yourself ERP software for educational institutes and schools to manage students, teachers, courses, academic programs with an Interactive portal built on our platform out-of-the-box.

Open And Do It Yourself ERP For Educational Institutes

This single access to manage a wide range of operations that comes with Chimso, enables the schools to increase their productivity by focusing more on academics. In addition, with the recent government initiatives to provide education facilities to every nook and corner, and things look quite promising for the educational industry.

With the growing competition between educational institutes, the need to stand out or be different has witnessed an exponential rise and businesses operating in the education sector ought to leverage next-gen enterprise technology solutions. Chimso is an open-source solution for student information management, employee management and expenses that can help you keep all critical information in one integrated system.

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Everything Included

Student Applicants

Manage all applications of the various academic programs in one place. A Student Applicant record needs to be created when a student applies for a program at your institute. You can Approve or Reject a student applicant. By accepting a student applicant you can add them to the student master. Furthermore, you can shoot emails, and continue the correspondence with the applicants here.

Student Information

A Student is a person who has enrolled at your institute and you have accepted their application. The Student doctype maintains details like personal information, photo, date of birth, address etc. It also records the Guardian and sibling details. You can also attach documents such as student's image, educational certificates, and more!

Documents Storage

Provision to upload and share multimedia files such as images, videos, documents. You can choose to upload the file directly or it's web link. Since educational institutes need to maintain information in the form of external documents, everyone will have a common place to seek all important documents pertaining to a student or a program. Accessibility made easy.


An Instructor can be a teacher, tutor, coach, or professor, of a specialised subject that involves any skill. An Instructor can also be linked to a Course Schedule, where you can define the schedule for a Course for a given date and Room no. It is also linked to a Student group that the Instructor is assigned to. While creating the Assessment Plan for a Student Group, Instructor can be linked as the Examiner or the Supervisor for that assessment.

Program Enrollment

Program Enrollment is the record of enrollment of a student in a given program and chosen courses for a particular Academic Year and Academic Term (optional). If a student is enrolled in a program then his/her Program Enrollment must be created. The mandatory course in that program is automatically filled in the Enrolled Courses table while the elective/optional courses can be selected manually.

Programs & Courses

An educational program, "Program" is a program written by the institutions which determine the learning progress of each subject in all the stages of formal education. We can have several courses or electives under a program that the student can undertake. We can set courses mandatory as well. Enter a unique code for every Program. You can also link the Program to the department under which it is conducted.

Student Attendance

Attendance doctype allows you to track and manage the attendance of a student in all the days at any time. The Attendance module is designed to help teachers easily mark student attendance during class. The Student Attendance Tool allows instructors to mark attendance of students faster with simple checkboxes, while the system creates corresponding attendance records in the backend. Attendance Management made simpler.

Student Fees

Maintain a record of fees collected from students. Prior to collection of fees, the Fee Structure has to be created, to include various categories such as classroom tutorials, industrial visit, accommodation, etc. This structure is based on the selected Program and Academic Term. Student Details and detailed Fee Structure will be available in the fee module. You can get Paid amount and Outstanding Amount details also.

Assessment Plan

To schedule an assessment/examination for a Student Group, for specific Course, create Assessment Plan. In this DocType, you can capture details like Student Group, Grade Scale, Assessment Criteria, Examiner, Supervisor, and more! Create your assessment plans in Chimso and watch the results generated easily with our Assessment Result Tool.

Learning Management System (LMS)

The Education module is bundled with a Learning Management System (LMS) out of the box. This allows institutes to publish their programs on their website. Programs can contain rich text articles, videos, and even quizzes. The progress of individual students can be tracked through the desk as well as the portal. LMS is disabled by default and can be enabled from Education Settings.

On The Fly Customisations

Map important data specific to your business by adding custom fields in your forms. Customise form behaviour by auto-fetching values, hide fields based on user roles, create custom Print Formats all without writing a single line of code. Create your own version of Student Management System with Chimso's underlying robust and flexible platform.

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