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Everything That Your Supermarket Needs

In the supermarket business, accurate billing & inventory information is essential as many of the items are perishable with limited shelf lives.

If the stocks of fast selling items are less then it will lead to loss of sales, or vice versa. Proper management of inventory/stocks is required so that items should not be over-ordered or overstocked.

A successful business starts with a successful tool

Everything Included

Item Groups

An Item Group is a way to classify items based on types. This is pretty self-explanatory, depending on the type of product, you can categorize an item under its respective field. If the product is a computer, assign it under the Item Group - Computers & Desktops, and so on. This comes in handy when we want to analyse the P/L, sales register & purchase register based on the different item groups to identify profitability

Items And Pricing

An Item Price is a record in which you can log the selling and buying rate of an item. Setup prices of your products as per different price lists. Moreover, these price lists can have different currencies too! To have Item Price fetching in the sales or purchase transaction, you only need to select the 'Price List' and item price will be fetched automatically.

Item Variants

Considering a supermarket, you will have thousands of product permutations in different colours, fabrics, shapes and sizes, creating enormous complexity. In Chimso, the primary Item will be considered as an Item template and each of the variations will be an Item Variant based on Item Attributes to distinguish based on Colour, Shape, Capacity, Size and so on.


No need to plug-in third party barcode scanners. With ERPNext, you can start scanning product barcodes via your device camera. Not only is this make the search for the item easier, but also lets you know the hierarchy of your items to make informed business decisions. Plus, you save the money that you would have to spend to buy the external scanning machines.

Serialised Inventory

Without a serial number attached to it, an electrical product or appliance is deemed incomplete. With ERPNext's serialised inventory, you can manage serial numbers, and automate their creation based on pre-defined series of your liking! You get a realtime view of the stock at various locations, ongoing transfers, pending receipts, delivered products. Scan either using item barcode or serial number - no obligations.

Batched Inventory

Move or split batches between different Warehouses. In case you produce your food items in batches, the Batch master will come in handy to maintain manufacturing date, expiry date, and more details. Automate batch creation with one-click configurations for faster productivity.

Promotional Schemes

With promotional schemes, manage the pricing of multiple Items/Groups based on different parties and conditions. A promotional scheme is linked to a pricing rule, against each slab system (product or price) that will generate the pricing rule which will then be applicable. Managing discounts & margins based on rate or amount made simple.

Multi Store Management

Register new branches of your company with a few clicks and start transacting right away! You can configure dimensions based on each branch or product line & analyse the expenses, stock movements, profits and loss to derive overall profitability of your supermarket business. You can analyse store-wise P/L and income statements easily with Chimso's accounting dimensions.

Point Of Sale

Being a supermarket, it is bound to maintain a POS counter for billing transactions. Compatible with any device, Chimso Point of Sale is user-friendly, & extremely flexible. It is fully integrated with inventory for realtime control of stocks. Works seamlessly so that you can provide an enriched experience to your customers.

Configurable Print Formats

With Chimso's Print Format Builder, you can customise the look and feel of your invoices effortlessly. Apply your brand logos, include images or terms and conditions, your company address, and so on as per your liking. The best part about the print format is that once you set it up and save as default in POS Profile, you wouldn't have to ever worry about it again!

Offline POS & Syncing

In Chimso, you can create POS Invoices, even when not connected to the internet. POS Invoices created in the offline mode will be saved locally in the browser (cached). If the internet connection is lost which creating POS Invoice, you will still be able to proceed forward. Once the internet connection is available, all offline invoices will be synced and pushed onto your ERPNext account.

Cashier Closing Voucher

Your retail counter may have multiple people operating the POS software throughout the day in multiple shifts. Cashier closing vouchers in POS allows a cashier to record the sales and details at the end of his/her shift. From here, the accountant or concerned person can collect, tally the cash and make the necessary Journal Entries to update the Company ledgers.

Realtime Inventory Levels

With Stock Summary report, you can not just view the quantities of stock present at your warehouses, but also move or split these with a simple button click! Get a glimpse of the depletions in warehouses, and adjust the inventory levels on-the-fly. The Stock Transfer Entry is auto-created in the backend. It's that simple. Avoid last-minute stock transactions with a real-time view at all times.

Quick Stock Balance

Quick Stock Balance is a tool that can be used to quickly retrieve the current stock balance (quantity) and value of an item, in the specified warehouse, on the specified date. You can check the stock levels of your inventory easily. This tool can also be used for stock-taking (Stock Audits) for matching the quantity of actual stock in your store and how much shows up in the system.

Automate Stock Replenishment

To prevent stockouts, you can track an item's reorder level. When the stock level goes below the reorder level, this retail ERP software will create an automatic material request for quicker replenishment of inventory, thereby reducing chances of stock exhaustion.

Quick Stock Balance

Quick Stock Balance is a tool that can be used to quickly retrieve the current stock balance (quantity) and value of an item, in the specified warehouse, on the specified date. You can check the stock levels of your inventory easily. This tool can also be used for stock-taking (Stock Audits) for matching the quantity of actual stock in your store and how much shows up in the system.

Item-Wise Recommended Reorder Report

This report gives you recommendations pertaining to the reorder levels of your items. You need to store Lead Time, Safety Stock in the Item master, and based on the transactions related to a product will be used to calculate and suggest a reorder level for the product.

Quality Inspection

Stay away from legal with quality checks at each touchpoint with a food article. Ensure the quality of your inwards and outwards with Quality Inspection Templates that can be customised as per your needs. Until the inspection is complete, Chimso won't allow receipt or delivery. Thereby, it ensures that you won't compromise on the quality of the food that's being distributed to your customers.

Customer Acquisition & Loyalty Program

Manage your customers better, configure loyalty programs and pricing schemes that deem fit for your business within a few minutes. Maintain credit limits, view receivables & total billing, analyse average customer revenue to make informed business decisions.

On The Fly Customisations

Map important data specific to your business by adding custom fields in your forms. Customise form behaviour by auto-fetching values, hide fields based on user roles, create custom Print Formats all without writing a single line of code. Create your own version of Supermarket ERP. Break Free!

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