Version 13.8.0 Release Notes

Features & Enhancements

  • Report to show COGS by item groups
  • Enhancements in TDS
  • API Endpoint to update halted Razorpay subscriptions


  • Incorrect bom name
  • Exchange rate revaluation posting date and precision fixes
  • POS item cart dom updates
  • General Ledger report not working with filter group by
  • Tax calculation for Recurring additional salary
  • Validation check for batch for stock reconciliation type in stock entry
  • Improved UX for additional discount field
  • Add missing cess amount in GSTR-3B report
  • Optimized code for reposting item valuation
  • FG item not fetched in manufacture entry
  • Errors on parallel requests creation of company for India
  • Incorrect valuation rate calculation in gross profit report
  • Empty “against account” in Purchase Receipt GLE
  • Remove cancelled entries from Stock and Account Value comparison report
  • Remove manual permission checking
  • Delete child docs when parent doc is deleted
  • GST Reports timeout issue
  • Parent condition in pricing rules
  • Added Company filters for Loan
  • Incorrect discount amount on amended document
  • Exchange gain loss not set for advances linked with invoices
  • Unallocated amount in Payment Entry after taxes
  • Wrong operation time in Work Order
  • Serial No and Batch validation
  • Gl Entries for exchange gain loss
  • TDS computation summary shows cancelled invoices
  • Price List rate not fetched for return sales invoice fixed
  • Included company in link document type filters for contact
  • Ignore mandatory fields while creating payment reconciliation Journal Entry
  • Unable to download GSTR-1 json
  • Paging buttons not working on item group portal page

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